Wat doen we?

Zown advises businesses, business parks, campuses, horticulturalists and landowners on technical, financial and organisational aspects of meeting their energy needs. We also have useful simulation tools to help them put their wishes into practice. Our Microgrid Platform means we can manage, maintain and optimise local energy supplies in real-time.

What are the benefits of Zown?


Clean, sustainable energy through local generation.


Financial benefits through smart combinations in your energy system and use of locally generated energy.


Improved reliability of supply through a local energy system.


Become self-reliant by meeting your energy needs through local energy generation and management.

Microgrid Advice

Local energy systems create opportunities for people, organisations and society. So you can achieve your ambitions for sustainability, financial returns and self-reliance, or a combination of these ambitions. But first you need to know where the opportunities are and how to convert them into reality. What technologies do we use? What techniques are innovative, reliable and cost-effective? How do we strike the right balance between financial returns and sustainability? What does the energy supply involve? How do we structure it locally? What can and can’t we do? How do we create the microgrid? We can provide appropriate answers to all these questions thanks to our technical, financial and organisational expertise.

Microgrid Platform

A microgrid comprises a combination of elements, including energy generation and storage, energy types, energy networks and demand for energy. By digitising the microgrid we connect these various elements to the Microgrid Platform. The Microgrid Platform then balances and manages them in real-time, as well as optimising your local supply by continually balancing energy generation and demand. The Microgrid Platform also provides insight into your energy consumption. That way you can be sure your billing is correct. How the Microgrid Platform performs these tasks depends on local needs, wishes and ambitions. In other words, you are in charge of your own energy supply.

Our customers

Business parks

We help businesses achieve their sustainability and energy-neutral goals and ambitions. And our energy solutions combine with opportunities for financial benefits.


We help hospitals improve the reliability of their energy supply through a microgrid.


We give you full control of your energy supply on private property.

Remote areas

We enable islands, for example, to access sustainable, local energy. That is often cheaper than being connected to the national grid.

Single entities

We help horticulturalists, production companies and offshore platforms by providing a reliable and sustainable energy supply.

We believe in the freedom to decide on your own energy supply

Switching to local energy systems creates opportunities for people, organisations and society to improve their sustainability, financial returns and self-reliance. Local connectivity creates power and energy. Together we can seize these opportunities.

We translate your local needs and ambitions into technical, organisational and financially responsible energy solutions. Being independent means we can offer the same conditions of access to anyone wanting a reliable source of local energy.

Reference projects


At Greenport Venlo, sustainable energy goes hand-in-hand with improving local companies’ competitiveness and self-sufficiency. The energy company Etriplus has been set up to help achieve these goals.

Etriplus devises sustainable energy solutions, with help from Zown in the technical design and financial optimisation. Zown also helps Etriplus to align local energy generation and demand.


Pampus Island in the IJmeer area bordering Amsterdam is a national monument and a UNESCO world heritage site. The island (with its fortress, museum, restaurant and house) wants clean, sustainable energy. But its location means connecting to the national grid is difficult and expensive.

That’s why Zown is helping the island to become self-sufficient in meeting its electricity and heating needs. The island is now using solar panels, a wind turbine, batteries and a generator to generate its energy, with Zown balancing local supply and working to increase the share of renewable energy.

Kop van Java

The Fab-City Campus for Urban Innovators on the Kop of Java in Amsterdam was set up in the first half of 2016 as part of the activities involved in the Dutch presidency of the EU. By going off-grid Fab-City will be self-sufficient and circular, with the aim of discovering new economic, political, social and logistic systems and connections. Zown is helping to achieve this goal by providing information on local energy flows and showing what is needed to go fully off-grid.

Demo Pampus

Zown. An agile & ambitious team!

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Business Developer

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Consultancy & Project Manager

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Technical Engineer

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Management & Business Support

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Technical Engineer


Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or local energy or other ambitions. We’ll be pleased to help.

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Colophon: airphoto Pampus made by Siebe Swart

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