Greenchoice and Zown sign a partnership

11-10-2017 |Green energy supplier Greenchoice and Zown, a subsidiary of Alliander, are going to collaborate. Evert den Boer, CEO of Greenchoice, and Detlef Meijer, General Manager of Zown, signed today a partnership with one goal: the smart design and local integration of renewable energy projects and to facilitate the transition to 100% green energy in the Netherlands

Greenchoice strives to accelerate and facilitate the transition to 100% green energy, while maximising local production and consumption of sustainable energy. This will be challenging, insofar as sustainable energy is often not used at the moment it is produced. This unused energy is transferred back to the network, which is not always possible in constrained distribution systems. To prevent the network from becoming overloaded, the network operator would need to strengthen it, which requires a major investment. This is where Zown comes into play.

Zown developed a ‘Microgrid Platform’, which allows its customers to locally coordinate the production and the consumption of energy. For example the energy produced by a solar park can be used by an adjacent industrial park and balanced with the help of the platform. This facilitates the optimal usage of existing infrastructure and prevents overloads, which in turn renders the strengthening of the network superfluous.

This can make the realisation of local sustainable energy projects more financially attractive. This is why Zown, commissioned by Greenchoice (among others), has looked into how a future newly constructed neighbourhood and the companies around it can become energy neutral. The costs for the customer and the network operator are reduced due to the fact that the network connection can be smaller than what would have normally been required. With this philosophy, neighbourhoods and industrial parks can be designed in such a way that they can provide for their own energy needs in a sustainable way at any time of the day.

The services of both companies complement one another beautifully. Greenchoice functions as a partner to organisations who wish to produce their own sustainable energy (wind and solar) locally. Zown maximises local consumption of this energy through optimal energy balance within network constraints. Zown achieves this by offering the services of its Microgrid Platform to several parties, enabling the customers to monitor, control and optimise in real time the way energy flows in their system.

Foto: ©Greenchoice/RobertEspigares 

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